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Minigolf 9 hole: 999,- NOK for 10 kids, 99,- NOK per additional kid

Minigolf 18 hole: 1499,- NOK for 10 kids, 149,- NOK per additional kid

Glokart 3 heat: 1990,- NOK for 10 kids, 199,- NOK per additional kid

Bazookaball included in kompani FunCenter: 1990,- NOK for 10 participants, 199,- NOK per additional kid

Birthday parties last two hours, include activities and food delivery in a private birthday room.

This comes in addition

Pizza (4 pieces in one pizza) 149,- NOK

Hotdog: 25,- NOK

Crêpes: 10,- NOK

with nutella + 10,- NOK; with banana +10,- NOK; with strawberry jam + 10,- NOK, with whipped cream + 5,- NOK

Cake: 249,- NOK

Muffins: 39,- NOK

Slush: 25,- NOK

Lemonade: 36,- NOK





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