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Our Mobile escape games contains the exciting feeling of solving puzzles and riddles, opening locks and working as a team packed into a portable format that can be played anywhere. We provide different scenarios , where you play through a story like in a usual, stationary escape room.

Facts and figures:
2 – 5 players per game
60 minutes
A variety of riddles and puzzles

All escape games have english instructions.

600 kr per box (inkludert eget rom)

Det er også mulig å leie en escape game boks for å spille hjemme. Da blir prisen 1200,- kr per døgn.

On a rainy day in November, Mark Miller tried to brave the elements and ventured outside for a jog along his usual route. This decision proved to be fatal: Mr. Millers body was found the following day by another jogger. Can you solve the mystery and find the killer?

After a wild bachelor party in a country side house, you somehow managed to lose the box with your wedding rings! Now it’s up to you and your best men to find the rings and save your wedding. You’ll have to walk down the aisle in 90 minutes though, so hurry up!

After a wild bachelorette party, you wake up in your hotel room, only to notice that some of your belongings are gone, worst of them being your bridal gown! Can you trace yesterdays steps and relive the whole evening to find your bridal gown in time? The clock is ticking…

The recent discovery of time travel lead to people abusing the technology for their own personal gain. While doing so, they fractured the space-time-continuum and put all of humanity in danger. Our only hope is to construct a quantum tunneling device with the help of blueprints sent from a distant future. The plans are secured with a complicated code and you are about to run out of time … will you be able to unlock them in time?

An emotional farewell letter, written by someone recently deceased, sends you on a journay all around the globe. In search of the secrets described within the letter, you will traverse through many different countries, spread over all continents of the world to eventually discover, what really matters in life.

A genetically altered super virus has escaped a top secret research facility, humanity is on the brink of doom. The entire research personnel has been wiped out by the virus, but their research survived for the most part. Can you find a cure for the virus before it’s too late?

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