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pizza correct size


Pizza buffet – teambuildings, bachelors = 150,- per person.
Ask us about a small pizza buffet and gluten-free / vegetarian pizza.
Gluten free/ lactose free pizza are smaller in size, for 1-2 people.

Pizza for Kids 250,- per pizza.



Our buffet has something for every taste.
We can also offer customized desserts according to theme and wishes.
Tapas buffet: NOK 309-589 per person.
Grill menu: NOK 339-629 per person.
Cowboy menu: NOK 329-376 per person.
Minimum order is for 10 people.
Dessert buffet with a large selection of desserts including coffee, varies from NOK 100 to NOK 300 per person.



Christmas buffet

Chop meat and ribs NOK. NOK 540 per pers. Including rice cream Kr. NOK 585 per pers.
Served with homemade medister cakes, turnip paste and red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, fat, sauce and potatoes.
See more prices here: Christmas buffet 2023 (Norwegian)
See our Christmas menu 2023.



Snacks on the tables

Peanuts, saltstenger and chips.
Pris: 30, – kr per person.


Fruit plate

A colourful fruit platter with a variety of fruits:
Price: 150, – kr per plate.


Cotton Candy

Every party is incomplete without the fluffy cotton candy. It is ideal for birthday parties, graduation parties, festivals and fairs.

So ahead, give your party a fairytale twist.
Price: 25,- per stick.


Slushes: Blue Raspberry, Red Strawberry, Cola
Price: 30,-



Everyone likes freshly popped popcorn. Now you can add that extra flavour to your party.

Price: 25,- kr pr. cup.


Softs drinks

Cola, Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Water.
Price: 42,-


Price: NOK 20,-


Price: NOK 25,-
Hot dogs offer – 2 for 40,- 1 for 25,- (in the food & drinks, appliying to the birthdays, sfo, groups etc)

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Non-alcoholic beer
Price: NOK 69

Pricing as per the bar menu.



Time to put on your party hats! Look no further, we have it all covered at our in-house bar. Curated signature cocktails by our bartender would definitely excite your tastebuds. We also have a vast assortment of different kinds of whiskey, single malt, vodka, gin, wine, champagne that you choose from.

Pricing as per the bar menu.

Service fee for the catering

Not for the pizza buffet.
79 NOK over 100 pcs.
NOK 99 over 50 pcs.
NOK 129 under 50 pieces.


No pre-bought food and drinks permitted in the premises.
Alcoholic beverages available on request and is sold in accordance to legal requirements.

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