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We offer over 80 different activities and are proud to present Rogaland’s largest activity menu. We would like to make a complete package for you, including everything you may wish for. The following activities are all available in our main location in Sandnes. To see the activities and offers for our second location in Ålgård please click here: Aktivitetshus Westernbyen

To select activities, click on the different themes and pictures. You can combine activities from all topics (such as Rodeobull, Bazooka Ball and Bungee Football).

All equipment is mobile and can be moved to your event! Please just ask us!

Basketball Race
Wet ‘n Wild – Soap soccer
Wet ‘n Wild – Soap basketball
Velcro dart
Velcro axe throwing
Phazerzone paintless paintball
Bazooka Sprettert
Bazooka slingshot
Bow tag
Bazooka ball
Killer dart
Horseshoe throwing
Lasso throwing
Rodeo bull riding
Wild West Shooting Simulator
Axe throwing
Cowboy shooting with revolver
Shooting with a rifle
Cowboy Pinning
Milking the cow (simulator)
Farmen Teambuilding
Milk can holding
Golf radar
Bungee Football
Bubble football
Sumo Handball
Sumo handball
Mini Golf
Golf basket
Sumo Handball
Human table football
Bungee Handball / basketball
Fotball radar
Sumo football
Precision Shooting
Precision shooting
Blacklight basketball
Crazy volleyball
Football pool
Blcklight Hockey
Blacklight hockey
Rope pulling
Blacklight disco football
Frisbee basket
Zorbing ball / Roller ball
Surf simulator
Fotball Dart
Football dart
Hawaii Golf
Crazy fights – Sumo wrestling
Crazy fight – Giant Boxing
Crazy fights – Gladiator fight
Crazy fight – double sumo wrestling
Beer Pong
Basket Pong
Golf Pong
Golf Pong
Beer Pong
Beer Pong
Promille Pictionary
Brain teaser
Big Feet Race
Promille basketball
Promille football
Promille briller
Promille Labyrinth
Promille Kjøring
Promille Driving
Mobile escape games
Haunted Christmas
Haunted Saloon
Movie Quiz
Music Quiz
Christmas quiz
Christmas Music Bingo
Musikk Bingo
Music bingo
Rogaland Quiz
Cocktail bar
Cocktail Tasting
Cocktail tasting
Amazing Race Teambuilding
Amazing Race Teambuilding
Hawaii Limbo
Electroshock Football
Electroshock mix
Electroshock Comedy
Balloon Pop Tivoli
Tivoli Games
Blind og døv
Shows and Artists
Line dance Course & Show
Kurs & Conference
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