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Every child dreams about their birthday party and inviting their closest friends to be a part of their big day. Here, at Fun Center we realise how important this is for your loved one and we ensure that we can turn their dream party into a reality.

You can choose from a wide range of unique activities!

No party is complete without food and drink, and we can arrange popcorn, sugar candy, pizza, soda or even cool, colorful slushies! The food is served in one of our VIP birthday rooms.

Children can enjoy all the activities for about 90 minutes, after which they will be escorted to the VIP room for some refreshments. The total duration is 2 hours.


childrens Birthday Package (age up to 13years)

5 activities from list 1: 1995,-  (2-12 people, 100,- extra for an extra person above 12 people)
90 minutes with activities
Choose 4 activities from list 1
Choose 1 activity from list 2

LIST 1 (choose 4 activities)

1. Rodeo bull riding
2. Archery
3. Milking the Cow (Simulator)
4. Surfing Simulator
5. Big Feet Race
6. Mega labyrinth (also with drunk glasses, which make it more difficult to see)
7. Limbo
8. Basket race
9. Velcro axe throwing
10. Velcro mega dart
11. Velcro fotball dart
12. Ponyrace
13. Mega football table

LIST 2 (choose 1 activity)

14. Bungee football (9 years)
15. Bungee handball (9 years)
16. Sumo fight (single or double)
17. Gladiator fight
18. Giant Boxing
19. Precision Shooting
20. Blacklight Disco Football
21. Blacklight Hockey
22. Blacklight Handball
23. Blacklight Basketball

Birthday with Bazooka balL

Fun VIP birthday with Bazooka ball (from 10yo) or Gelly ball (all ages) for all the kids that like shooting games. You will also get extra activity, like Rodeo, Surfing or Football afterwards to make the experience even more fun!

Shooting for max 12* kids at the time – 1995,- for approx. 1 hour.

*if there are more than 12 kids, we will divide them in two teams, then one team will play, the other can do extra activities or watch others 😊


90min with 4 football games for 1995,- for 2-12 kids.

1. Sumo football
2. Big Table Football (up to 22 players)
3. Blacklight Disco Football
4. Velcro football-dart

*if there are more than 12 kids, we will divide them in two teams and have two activities at the time – so nobody has to wait to long for their turn!

childrens VIP birthday package (age up to 13years)

5 activities (2-12 people, 100,- extra for each person above 12 people)
Velg 4 aktiviteter fra listen ovenfor og 1 aktivitet fra VIP listen!
90 minutes activities.
The price starts from NOK 1,995 (the price will vary depending on the activity you choose)
WILD WEST SHOOTING SIMULATOR (from 12 years) + 500,-



We have a lot of exciting food on the menu.

– Pizza -250,- (1 pizza suitable for 4 kids, 2 big slices each)
– Hot dogs -1 for 25,- or 2 for 40,- pp.
– Chips bowl -30,-
– Popcorn -25,-
– Ice creams -25,-
– Soda -36,- for 0,5l bottle
– Slush -30,- for a cup
– Saft -20,- with possible refill

Extra activity or 30 min. Extra in the birthday room: NOK 500

NB: This must be agreed in advance of the celebration, no later than one week in advance. Pictures of all activities can be found under activities.



BIRTHDAY- HANDY TIP: Two For The Price Of One. You could celebrate your birthday together with your friend at just half the price.

BOOKING: For any queries, availability or bookings, kindly call us or you could send in a request via our contact form.

*NOTE: It is against Fun Center policy to bring in any food or beverage to the venue. However, birthday cake and other essentials for the cake cutting (plates, spoons, forks, candles) are permitted. We request that you assist in cleaning after the birthday celebrations, if needed.

ONCE BOOKED, KINDLY SHARE INFORMATION REGARDING THE EVENT ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE. Please send us all details via e-mail: number of children, choice of activities, number of pizzas (gluten-free, lactose-free or any other special requirements), soda or slush.
You can choose between the following pizzas: ham, pepperoni, minced meat, chicken, beef, or just cheese.

Booking agreements

CANCELLATION: In the unfortunate event of cancellation, Fun Center should to be alerted 21 days before the event. After that we will send an invoice which is 50% of the agreed amount. For cancellations less then 10 days prior the event, we charge 100% of the agreed amount.

RESCHEDULE: Change in the number of participants (1-3 pers) has to be done latest 7 days before the event takes place. The number of participants given will be the one used in the invoice.


We have two different designs. Choose your favorite invitation design and print it at home!
Invitation 1 (Jenter – Engelsk)
Invitation 2 (Gutter – Engelsk)
Invitation 3
Invitation Cowboy





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