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When playing bumball, everyone wears a bumball vest. Each bumball vest has Velcro on the chest and on the bum. The ball is received with the Velcro that is on the chest or on the butt. The ball is then removed from the Velcro and thrown to another player.
Goals: use hula hoop as goals. There must always be one goal more than there are players on the team. It is a goal when a player receives the ball while standing in a scoring area (in a hula hoop). A ball caught on the chest gives 1 point. A ball caught on the butt gives 3 points.
If a player drops the ball on the ground, it must be picked up by sitting down and picking it up with the butt. The collector cannot take the ball off the velcro himself but must run with it. All players can chase a ball sitting on the player’s butt.





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