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Water ball is a giant inflatable, waterproof sphere that you ride from the inside. It is like zorbing, the only difference being is that you use the Water ball on water instead of on land. It allows you to walk on the water while providing underwater views like in snorkeling. It is safe and loads of fun for all ages.

In the water ball you can do anything from, having competitions with your friends to see who reaches a predefined distance in the shortest time to pushing your opponents away or you could just test your balancing skills.

Get your best camera and don’t forget to record your experience.

*Note: Conducted only on certain days at Sandnes/Stavanger harbor or Hinna Park.  Ask us – 300,- kr pp (minimum price 3000, -)

You do not need bathing trunks/bikinis, but is recommended to take 2-3 big towels per group.


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