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Do you like chess? How about trying our mega big chess game. Can you rent from us in the Fun…

Sumo Bryting

Sumo breaks

Try to get your opponent out of the ring or on their back the ground, to get points. First to…


Fun waterpark. Size 25x25 meter. Contains trampoline, large and small water slide, climbing tower, climbing mountain.

Paintball field

Hos oss kan du leie paintballbane til ditt utdrikningslag eller kanskje vennegjengen vil gjøre noe gøy sammen!

Rogaland Quiz

Quiz can be a great ice breaker. This activity is perfect in conjunction with friends or colleagues over drinks and…

Beer Pong

Beer Pong

What do you get when you combine beer and ping pong? Beer Pong! The rules stay the same – bounce…

Bazooka ball

An exciting combat team-based game for players of all ages. All the excitement of paintball and laser-tag, but using specially…

Movie Quiz

Are you a fan of classic Hollywood movies? If yes, we have the perfect game to test your knowledge on…

Electroshock Comedy

Ikke lurt å le elsjokk komedie. Velkommen til et morsomt julebord hos oss, vi leier også ut utstyr til deres fest.

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