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ALOHA and welcome to Hawaii!

On this page you will find all activities that take place in our Hawaii corner. Next to palm trees and fish, you will feel the great atmosphere of sandy beaches and sun in your face. Come and enjoy!

All activities cost 100, – kr per person. The minimum package is 300, – kr per person.

For “own price” or “ask us for price” please just contact us 🙂


Here you can have a look into our Hawaii corner:


These are the activities that we offer in the Hawaii corner:


Surf Simulator

With the Spirit of Aloha and a passion for Hawaiian culture, Fun Center creates an unforgettable experience of surf culture. You no longer have to dream about it – you can now experience it! Perfect for all ages, it gives you the thrill of surfing without the fear of getting wet.

The mechanical surfboard simulator is powered by a variable-speed electric motor and starts of slowly and gradually the pace increases. Don’t worry if you fall off into the blue sea as the padded flooring installed will protect you. Do you think you can balance youself on the surfboard longer than your fellow competitors?

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Hawaii Limbo

The aim of limbo is to fit your body under the limbo pole and pass underneath it without touching the limbo pole; all of this while dancing to some hawaii music. You could bend backwards or flex yourself rather than just crouching down to go underneath. To increase the difficulty level, the pole is moved lower down to make the game more difficult as it goes on.

If you are looking at something even more challanging, the participants can go backwards under the pole! This activity is perfect for teambuildings, bachelor parties or birthdays.

Big Feet

The Big Feet activity can help improve team work. It’s a challenging activity that is fun for all wherein team work is the goal. Only teams that work together in sync can reach the finish line and become the winning team. The big feet is made of a soft material which is easy on your feet (its almost like walking on sponge).

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Promille Labyrint

The objective of the game is for all the four players to navigate the playfield to guide the marble to the end of the maze, without letting it fall into any of the holes. Playing is easy, just find the shortest route through the a-maze-ing Labyrinth and you’ll be the winner. But there’s a twist , you´ll need to play this while wearing drunk googles on. Now with your blurred vision, try solving the labyrint.

It is super fun and can be played by people of all ages.

Beer Pong

What do you get when you combine beer and ping pong? Beer Pong! The rules stay the same – bounce the ball so it lands in your opponents cup where they then drink the beer and set the cup aside. The game goes on until one team has no cups left. The team with remaining cups wins the game.

frisbee basket

Frisbee Basket

This activity is an interesting twist of the classical frisbee game!

Golf Radar

Sport radar measures the speed. Come and test your golf swing! Sport radar challenges competition spirit in children and adults of all ages. Perfect for sport teams engaged in golf. This motivates the whole team to train more. We produce results if desired.

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Hawaii Golf

Have you ever played golf in Hawaii? Here you have the option! Compete 2 vs 2! Who is today’s winner?

Mini golf


Hit the ball into the hole using the least amount of tries. It requires concentration and good precision. The maximum number of strokes on a path is 7. If the ball jumps out of the path, lay it back in the field where it jumped out. Fun and traditional activity that thrills all.

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Golf Basket

Ever heard of Disc Golf? Although challenging, this is a great sport for people of all ages. Unlike regular golf, here you got to hit the golf ball up in a basket! Think you handle this? Patience and a steady hand are important factors to succeed in this sport.

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